List of Departments and Industrial Unions


IU 110 – Agricultural Workers

All workers who cultivate the land, raise crops, or work with livestock, including those workers on farms, ranches, orchards and plantations, and those workers in supporting industries such as breeding and large animal veterinary services.

IU 120 – Forest and Lumber Workers

All workers on tree farms, in forestry and logging operations, in saw and shingle
mills, in preparing wood for fuel and manufacture, and in
bark, brush and sap collection.

130 Fishery Workers

All workers who fish and harvest on oceans, lakes, and, rivers, including those workers who are engaged in receiving, unloading, and processing catches at the wharf, and those workers who specifically distribute these products

140 Greenhouse & Nursey Workers

All workers who produce, harvest and process crops grown under cover, including those workers in nurseries, flower gardens, green and hothouses, and those workers involved in the distribution of these products.


IU 210 – Mine Workers

All workers in mines extracting metals, coal, or minerals including those engaged in smelters, mills, and other reduction works, as well as workers engaged in processing and distributing these materials.

IU 220 – Energy Workers

All workers who are involved in all forms of energy exploration, production, and harvesting, including workers in refineries and processing facilities, and workers engaged in the distribution of these products.


IU 310 – Civil Construction Workers

All workers who build transportation, water, and pipeline infrastructure.

IU 320 – Ship and Boat Builders

All workers who build and repair ships, boats and small vessels, including dry dock and support workers in these facilities.

IU 330 – Building Construction Workers

All workers who construct, renovate, or demolish buildings, including those workers employed by general construction contractors and in prefabrication of houses and major components.

IU 340 – Building Maintenance and Landscaping Workers

All workers in routine commercial and residential building
maintenance such as painting, plumbing, HVAC, and gutter cleaning., including all workers not otherwise engaged
who provide janitorial and landscaping services in privately owned establishments.


IU 410 – Textile and Leather Workers

All workers who manufacture material from natural or synthetic fibers, process or distribute leather and leather substitutes, or fabricate wearing apparel.

IU 420 – Wood Processing and Furniture Workers

All workers who process wood products or build wood furniture.

IU 430 – Chemical Workers

All workers who produce chemically-based products such as drugs, paint, rubber, explosives,
medicines, chemicals, plastics, and synthetic fibers.

IU 440 – Metal and Machinery Workers

All workers in metal production including steel mills, aluminum plants, tool and die shops, and other metal-related industries. including all workers engaged in the production, repair, or maintenance of metal or composite products including agricultural machinery, automobiles, locomotives, bicycles, or aircraft.

IU 450 – Printing and Publishing Workers

All workers who produce and distribute newspapers, books, catalogues, and other printed matter including reporters, journalists, staff writers, photographers, graphic artists, researchers, and
programmers within the publishing industry.

IU 460 – Foods Product Workers

All workers, except agricultural and fishery workers, who produce, process, and distribute foodstuffs, beverages, and tobacco products.

IU 470 – Electronics and Instrument Workers

All workers who manufacture and assemble electronic devices, musical instruments, jewellery and timepieces, and components of technical, medical, and scientific instruments.

IU 480 – Glass, Pottery Workers, and Mineral Workers

All workers who produce glass, pottery, chinaware, tile, bricks, wallboard, lime, gypsum, cement, abrasives, and other non-metallic mineral products other than fuels.

IU 490 – Pulp and Paper Mill Workers

All workers in pulp and paper mills.


IU 510 – Marine Workers

All workers in cargo and passenger transportation by water. All repair, maintenance, and supply workers specific to the marine industry, including food, beverage, and newsstand workers in ports.

IU 520 – Railroad Workers

All workers in long-distance railway freight and passenger transportation. All repair, maintenance, and supply workers specific to the railroad industry including food, beverage, and newsstand workers in
railroad terminals.

IU 530 – Ground Transportation and Transit Workers

All workers in freight and passenger transportation by ground including truck, commuter rail, bus, limousine, cab, and pedicab. All workers in towing and storage of motor vehicles. All repair, maintenance, and supply workers specific to the industry. including food, beverage, and newsstand
workers in bus and transit stations.

IU 540 – Postal, Express, and Message Delivery Workers

All non-governmental workers in processing, transfer, and delivery of letters and messages by motor vehicle and bicycle.

IU 550 – Air Transport Workers

All workers in freight and passenger transportation by air. All repair, maintenance, and supply workers specific to the aviation industry, including food, beverage, and newsstand workers in airports.

IU 560 – General Distribution Workers

All workers in general wholesale and warehouse facilities not attached to a particular industry. All workers engaged in support activities for transportation and storage of goods including packing and crating services, inspection and survey services, freight-forwarding services, etc.

IU 570 – Communication and Internet Technology Workers

All workers who provide and maintain telephone, internet, telegraph, satellite communication and computer operations, including programming and networking. All workers engaged in the installation, maintenance, and repair of communications cable, signal towers, transmitters, and other telecommunication devices.

IU 580 Information Service Workers

All workers who collect, store, and retrieve information by conducting market research, opinion polling, fundraising, and archival and statistical research services. All workers in telephone call centers, telephone answering services, captioning services, and mailbox and mail forwarding services, including workers not otherwise organized who work in communications and public relations.

IU 590 – Video, Audio, and Film Production Workers

All workers who produce recorded music, video games, motion pictures, and radio and television programs, or distribute them for sale, rental, or broadcast. All workers involved in providing auxiliary services to the industry including food and beverage, catering, talent booking, set and costume production, equipment and location rentals, bulk duplication of recorded media.


IU 610 – Health Service Workers

All workers employed in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and medical offices, including workers in rehabilitation centers, medical research
services, health-maintenance organizations, medical
billing services, and other industries auxiliary to health

IU 613 – Incarcerated Workers

All incarcerated workers in the prison industry.

IU 620 – Educational Workers

All workers in educational institutions including educators, students (except those mainly employed outside the education industry), and those in industries auxiliary to education including testing services, educational consulting services, and dedicated school bus services, including all workers in research institutions including foundations and museums, enterprises primarily engaged in providing technical and scientific services, and in research laboratories not attached to educational

IU 630 – Peforming Arts, Recreation, and Tourism Workers

All workers involved in the creation and dissemination of the performing arts including writers, dancers, and performing artists in theaters, concert halls, opera houses, movie theatres, and similar establishments. All workers involved in the recreation and tourist industries including amusement parks, carnivals, race tracks, casinos, cruise ships, guiding services, and tourist information centers, including all workers involved in providing auxiliary service to the industry including food and beverage, catering, talent booking, set and costume production, equipment, and location rentals.

IU 631 – Freelance and Temporary Workers

All workers who are engaged in multiple industries on a temporary or short-term contractual basis, who obtain their own clients, or are engaged through employment and temporary staffing agencies, including writers, editors, language teachers, translators, photographers, videographers, sound technicians, visual artists, graphic artists, designers, programmers, call center workers, warehouse workers, and construction workers.

IU 640 – Restaurant, Hotel, and Catering Workers

All workers in facilities for food and beverage services, public accommodation, and catering services not dedicated to serving a particular industry.

IU 650 – General, Legal, Public Interest and Financial Office Workers

All workers who provide legal services including attorneys, those in law offices, title settlement offices, and notary offices. All workers who provide services to the legal industry including law publishers, private investigators, legal researchers, and providers of brief-writing, transcription, and title-search services. All workers who provide financial and insurance services including those in
banks, stock and commodities exchanges, and real estate, accounting, and insurance companies. All workers in enterprises primarily engaged in providing humane services to the public, other than health services, including those in religious, charitable, public advocacy, community, and service organizations, and employment agencies not otherwise organized.

IU 651 – Government Workers

All civil service workers at the federal, state, provincial, county, and municipal levels
not otherwise organized, including office staff, librarians,
utility and construction inspectors, firefighters, recreation
workers, and public works.

IU 660 – Retail Workers

All workers in general distribution facilities, wholesale and retail.

IU 670 – Utility & Sanitation Workers

All non-government workers engaged in the supply, maintenance, and transmission of gas, electric, water, and sewer services including all workers employed in the collection and processing of disposable and recyclable materials.

IU 680 – Household and Personal Service Workers

All workers performing services in and around the home including homemakers, cooks, maids, and house cleaning services. All workers performing personal services for individuals and families including barbershops, beauty salons, massage services, dry cleaning, and laundry establishments,
tailor shops, funeral parlors and crematoria, veterinary offices and other animal care centers.

IU 690 – Sex Industry Workers

All workers who use sexuality as the primary tool of their industry including telephone and webcam sex workers, actors, erotic massage services, erotic and escort services, and dancers and models in night clubs, exotic dance clubs, and peep shows.

Last Updated: 2020 January 01